Pastor's Message

What a wonderful joy it is to provide you with an opportunity to learn about our church. 


Whether you are a member or just searching for a local church, we pray that your time here will be beneficial.


Bethesda Baptist is a place for you and your family to worship, fellowship, and grow spiritually. It is a place dedicated to caring for you and challenging you to new heights in your relationship with God and his people.


It is a place where you can make friends for a lifetime and experience faith that will be meaningful for this lifetime and eternity.


We invite you to come and experience the Bethesda fellowship and spirit. Here you will find a people ready to call you “friend.” Bethesda is a place for you to grow and is a fellowship ready to welcome you.


We want to be YOUR place for FAMILY, FRIENDS  and FAITH.


In His Name and Service,

David M. Helms, Pastor
Bethesda Baptist Church