Kayse Williams

Director of Children's Ministries

Nursery & Preschool Ministries

The safety and well-being of your children is our number one priority.  Our Preschool and Children’s areas are locked down during the services and are continually monitored by church personnel. 
Additionally, our staff and teachers submit to background checks and training.

Security & Safety

Our Nursery and Preschool area is designed for children ages birth through Pre-Kindergarten.   


Little b’s can develop and grow in a safe environment where they are affectionately cared for and taught God’s Word on age-appropriate levels.

Our youngest children are nutured and loved each week by a group of committed, care-giving volunteers. It is our desire that these little ones experience a safe and loving atmosphere.

The Biblical concepts that are taught are about God, love, family, friends and church.  These concepts are developed further when the children move up to Children's Ministry. 

Sunday School


Our church nursery is available for babies and toddlers.

The nursery is open during the following services:


                Sunday Mornings, 9:00 - 9:45 am

                Wednesday Evenings, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm                                           (until 8:00 for choir members)


The nursery is also open during certain special events.


Our Nursery Policies

We understand that separation can be difficult for both parent and child, therefore, 
it is our goal to meet their needs as you would. 

To help our nursery program run smoothly we ask that you sign your child in and 
out and provide any feeding instructions or other instructions for your child’s care.

We want to provide a healthy environment, so we ask that you keep your child at 
home when you observe any of the following: diarrhea, green or yellow runny nose, discharge in or around the eyes, fever or vomiting within the past 24 hours.

If your child is taking an antibiotic, he or she should have received treatment for 
at least 24 hrs before coming to the church nursery.

Sunday Mornings, 9:00 - 9:45 am


Our caring teachers and helpers seek to engage children in exciting Bible study activities. Sunday school classes are divided into the following  age groups.


​​    Nursery (Birth - 1 yr)          

    Toddlers (1 - 2 yrs)    

    Preschool (3 -4 yrs)


Toddler and Little Church
Sunday Mornings, 10:00 - 11:15 am

(during morning worship service)

These programs are extended teaching times from Sunday School through the Worship Service.  Volunteers serve on a Rotation Schedule to lead these classes.


Wednesday Evenings, 6:00 - 7:00 pm 


The Awana Cubbies program is designed for children 3 years old to PreK.


In Awana, your child will learn God’s Word in many exciting ways. Our Awana Clubs consist of three parts: games, achievements, and Bible story time.  The Cubbies work together to learn a Bible Verse each week and there is additional activities parents can use to work with their child at home.


Little Friends

Wednesday Evenings, 6:00 - 7:00 pm


On Wednesday evenings our children, ages 2 through Pre-K, are involved in Christ-centered activities where they learn the importance of spreading God's Word through stories, crafts, games, and other projects.

Parent Child Dedication 

Mother's Day 2015

For more information about Special Activities and Camps please

visit the Children's Events page.