Outreach Ministry Opportunities


Need help overcoming the loss of your marriage?  DivorceCare ministry helps people heal from the trauma of seperation/divorce in a confidential, compassionate, and supportive group setting. 
Utilizing a scripture-based video curriculum our facilitator guides participants through their next steps in the healing and reconciliation process. 
DivorceCare sessions run 13 weeks and take place twice a year, in spring and fall.  Contact our church office for times and further details.
Sister program to DivorceCare, GriefShare is a lay-led grief recovery program including DVD seminars, personal workbook/journal, and brief group discussions.  It is referred to as ER for ongoing support and encouragement for those in their time of bereavement.  It is a Christ-centered and Biblically-based curriculum designed to help those on their journey from mourning to joy. 
GriefShare has two semesters a year, running from January to May and August to November.  The group meets on Sundays at 5:30. 
Contact the church office for more details.

CRU Military - Ft. Benning

Our participation with CRU Military on Ft. Benning is a part of the nationwide CRU Military organization.  We provide Bible Study teachers for soldiers going through Basic Training on Sunday mornings and afternoons.  Its always an amazing time and if you have a desire to give back to these young men who are giving up so much for our country, this is the ministry for you. 
Sam Khalil is the leader of this group and you can contact him at ryminman@yahoo.com.

RYDC - Regional Youth Detention Center

This important ministry reaches out to juveniles housed in the Aaron Cohn Center in Columbus, ages averaging between 14-18.  The RYDC team provides these teens with a presentation of the Gospel, and the much needed message of hope for the future and the assurance that Jesus loves and cares for them. 
Volunteers can contact Sam Khalil at ryminman@yahoo.com

Helping Hands of Hope

Helping Hands of Hope is a ministry that shares the love of God by helping fulfillt he needs of the sick, homeless, hungry, and helpless across the world through the making of items to meet their needs. 
This ministry also provides a venue for participants to discover, enhance, and use God-given abilities and talents.  It provides a great opportunity to get to know others while working side by side.
Contact Sonia Eakins @ bbchelpinghands@gmail.com for more information or times and schedule

TLC Tutoring

Tutoring with Love and Compassion - This ministry offers one-on-one help to children needing help in school subjects.  In addition to academic help, students receive snacks and mentoring within a loving, God-filled environment. 


If you want to help tutor or have a child who you would like to have tutored, please contact Gail Fowler at tlcbethesda@gmail.com or call the church office for more details.