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Child Care Center 
A ministry of Bethesda Baptist Church.

Director: Kim Smith
Office: 706-561-9607
6:30 am – 6 pm, Mon - Fri

A message from Kim
While child care is a very important part of a child's early development years, we recognize that a child's immediate family is the strongest influence on a child's growth and development.

We welcome the opportunity to be an extension of your family and encourage your participation as a parent in our programs. Just as you do, we want your child to receive the best care in a secure, safe, and loving environment.
As we reach out to minister to the community by way of child care services, we offer  "a home away from home" where together we enjoy each day while we learn through play. We want you to feel confident and to be "at ease" each day as you leave your child with us.

Our goal is to instill values and a sense of care and love that will always be a part of your child's future. We realize we play a vital role in your child's well-being and your input is helpful to us as we strive to meet your child's needs.
We offer Christ-centered loving care for ages 6-weeks through 5th grade (after school program). We provide full-time and before and after school care for families with busy schedules. And we provide safe transportation from selected public schools.
An enrollment packet must be completed for each child. If you would like to enroll your child or children in our child care program, contact our Child Care Director, to ensure there is an age-appropriate opening for your child or children. 
We use the research-based Pinnicale Faith Based Curriculum®. Our activities and curriculum provide the opportunity for each child to grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. This curriculum promotes the development of school readiness skills, fosters a natural love of learning and encourages parental involvement through age-appropriate teaching materials.

The organization and characteristics of our classrooms vary according to age group and are designed to stimulate learning. Although students are grouped in classrooms, primarily according to age, special consideration is given to students who demonstrate unique emotional, physical or intellectual needs.
We continue development with the teaching of seasonal programs as well as Bible-centered songs, games, lessons and musical performances. Organized recreational activities such as field trips, outings and summer camp activities are also available.
Meals & Snacks

We provide nutritious breakfasts, lunches and afternoon snacks daily. All of our menus are prepared to meet the USDA daily nutritional requirements for preschool children. Age appropriate portions are served with additional servings always available.  

Illness & Medical Procedures
Please do not bring your child if he/she has had any of the following within the last 24 hours: fever of 101 or higher, vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, croup, skin infection, pink eye or other infectious diseases. Children who become ill during their time at our center will be isolated from the other children and the parents will be contacted to pick up their child immediately.
In an effort to increase the level of security while in our center, we have security cameras at various locations throughout our facilities. These camera, monitors
and tapes are used only for security purposes and are only used by Bethesda
staff. Parents must sign their child in and out each day. Children will be released
only to those who have been authorized by the parent or guardian.
Parents' Responsibilities
In order to make a child's experience more pleasant, parents should mark all belongings plainly with the child's name, provide an adequate supply of diapers/pull-ups and change of clothes. Dress the child comfortably.
We value our parents, our staff, and the important opportunity that we have to be a part of your child's development. The impact that we can have as partners for your children is immeasurable!

A Christian Day Care with a heart for kids!

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